Professionals and Independent Contractors:  


It is an easy to use system that organizes your clients, keeps track of your sales, and charges your billables directly to the credit cards of your clients! No accounting expertise is needed!  All you need is this package made specifically for the professional community!  This will change the way you think about billing and accounting.

NEW FOR 2012!  A Tablet Computer Does It All!


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Here is a review from a teaching Tennis Pro who has used the system for three years:

" Billing club members, and cash flow are the two biggest problems for Golf and Tennis Professionals. Members continually say a lesson was not given on a given date, or clothing purchases were not correct, because the billing cycle is monthly. Now there is a simple and inexpensive solution from Fischer. A program that starts at the beginning of the season by establishing accounts for all members, using their credit cards. When they take a lesson, or purchase equipment, they sign for the purchase and receive a receipt. On Sunday, you tell the computer to collect all the charges for the week and send those charges to the credit card companies automatically and with one push of a button! On Wednesday morning, the money is in the bank. Cash flow solved! No hassles!

The system provides reports for guest fees, customer balances, payments, daily reports, and customer chronological balances. This eliminates any problems encountered by the Professional.  The system contains an inventory system, making it easy to sell  lessons, clinics and equipment from the same screen.

This system eliminates pro shop managers, bookkeepers, and does your accounting. It is inexpensive, and pays for itself quickly. A must-have for the teaching professional."

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