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The full system allows the pro to track charges for services and materials and accept credit card payments. It bills regular customers on a weekly basis, allowing the professional to be paid weekly!

TENNIS FIPOS uses the same well proven technology as FIPOS from Fischer Scientific,  with a laptop computer to conserve space. There is room on the main menu for two professionals and a variety of lesson and clinic types, each with a fee that can be maintained easily. The system also keeps an inventory of items that can be sold by part number. It also allows guest fees to be collected and tracked, and reported on a regular basis.

The benefit of this system is the ease with which a Pro can keep an accurate record of his groups activity and charges. Each lesson can be tracked in variety of reports. Even the signature of the person receiving the lesson is displayed!. Reports are available for overall activity per client, including charges and payments. Guest fees are included in a separate report. And daily/weekly activity reports are an easy way to track overall business cash flow.

Each account can be paid in a variety of ways. (1) Clients can be on a cash basis, or (2) they can use a debit/credit card at the time the lesson is given. Third, and most importantly,  customers can leave their credit card information on file at the beginning of the season. In this case, their bills are paid weekly and automatically.

All data is stored using the strongest available encryption techniques, ensuring confidentiality.

 The display is a touch-sensitive screen. No mouse, no keyboard!      Click here for the Tennis FIPOS Main Screen. 

The picture below shows our installation at the Saltaire (NY) Yacht Club tennis courts, where Bill Gerdts is the head pro. Bill was formerly head coach at Hofstra University, and teaches in the winter season at the Boca Resort in Boca Raton.

In this photo you can see how the system fits easily into a crowded location. The laptop computer and touchscreen display can be seen just to the left of the chair. Between them is a receipt printer. Just left of the printer is the device that accepts credit cards and collects the customer signature.


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